About Us

“NYFOP and the individual District Forums are increasingly important to ensure that older people have their https://bestessayhere.com/ http://www.paperwriters.org say in the face of decreasing local government finances and services and to combat loneliness and isolation in later life.”

Current NYFOP Committee

  • Ann Hill, Harrogate, Trustee,A�Chair
  • Susan Hobbs, Harrogate, Trustee
  • Jim Forrest, Northallerton, Trustee
  • Micky Johnson, Easingwold, Trustee
  • Anna Salkeld, Ryedale, Trustee, Secretary
  • Rob Salkeld, Ryedale, Trustee
  • Graham Altuccini, Scarborough, Trustee
  • Alan Stewart, Scarborough, Trustee
  • Ellen Storm, Thirsk, Trustee, Treasurer
  • Olive Tanner, Selby, Trustee
  • Diane Pitts, Whitby, Trustee
  • Victoria Pitts, Whitby, Committee Member


The Trustees and Committee will continue to serve the needs of older people across the County of North Yorkshire through local Forums.

North Yorkshire Forum for Older People (NYFOP) was formed out of the government initiative known as Better Government for Older People. North Yorkshire Forum for Older People has been a registered charity since 2003. It is non-party political and non-sectarian and works in a way that promotes full equality of opportunity for all.

NYFOPa��s aim is to promote its charitable purposes for the benefit of people aged fifty or over or older within North Yorkshire.

NYFOP supports and promotes the older peoplea��s forums, with similar aims, serving the seven local government Districts.

NYFOP presents the views and needs of older people to decision makers locally and nationally.

NYFOP helps older people to know what services and opportunities are available to them and in

  • the relief of poverty and the promotion of good health
  • the advancement of education in areas such as health, housing, social and welfare entitlements
  • financial areas and improving the conditions of life for older people

NYFOP helps identify the needs and interests of older people not being met by existing services and helps ensure that these needs and interests are met.

NYFOP meets ten times a year, incorporating four quarterly NYFOP + meetings with third parties, itA�is managed and administered https://bestessayhere.com/ http://www.paperwriters.org by a committee comprising the representatives elected in accordance with the Constitution from the seven district councils.

The quarterly NYFOP+ meetings facilitate cooperation with North Yorkshire County Council and other statutory and voluntary organisations. Concerns of members are brought forward to these bodies and there are opportunities to enter into discussion on future policy.